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The most popular dancers are often the ones who have a deep connection with other dancers and respect for their community. To make dancing together a pleasure for everyone onvolved, here are a few tips:

Dancing together

  • Ask your dance partner politely if they would like to dance and don't just offer your hand.
  • If you turn down an invitation to dance (which is perfectly OK), wait until the next song, if possible, before dancing with someone else.
  • Dancing with each other always involves looking after each other. Always make the other person feel comfortable and safe.
  • Eye contact and a smile are invaluable while dancing.
  • Swing dancing always involves creativity and improvisation. Things can sometimes "go wrong". Apologies are not necessary, unless you were too creative and hurt your dance partner ;-). Keep in mind: "less is sometimes more" - don't overchallenge your dance partner.
  • Social dance is not a lesson, so please do not give unsolicited feedback or a "lesson" - however, it is always appreciated if you let your dance partner know that you liked a move or idea.
  • End your dance with a smile and a friendly "thank you" and, if possible, leave the dance floor together with your dance partner.


  • The more crowded the dance floor, the more careful and smaller your movements should be.
  • It is obvious that aerials and jumps should not be done for the same reason.
  • Pay attention to what is happening behind your partner's back and stop him/her if a collision is imminent.
  • Due to the risk of injury in Lindy Hop, avoid wearing shoes with hard/high heels (applies to both followers and leaders). If you do wear heels, please dance even more carefully!
  • If, despite all caution, you do collide or kick someone, apologise - regardless of who is "to blame" - and take care of the other person if he/she is in pain.


  • Lindy Hop is sweaty, so please use deodorant, change your top in time and always have a towel with you.
  • Make sure you have fresh breath.
  • A shower after dancing is refreshing and invigorating; however, such a fresh aura is also priceless already at the beginning of the training or dance event.

Learning from each other during practice session

  • Please give feedback politely and avoid a lecturing tone.
  • Phrases such as "it would make it easier for me if..." or "I get ..." can be helpful.
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